Danish Bi-coloured

These stamps date from 1870-1905. They are pretty, especially the early printings with their natural colours; they are filled with flaws thanks to the "primitive" printing technique used at the time and therefore it is possible to plate them and hence reconstruct the original sheets or settings; finally these stamps are easy to find having been produced in millions.
People communicated a lot in writing at that time.

The 1875 issues
The first printings of the ØRE-values from 1875. 1st print of 8 øre and 50 øre vary in colour. 5 øre, 20 øre and 100 øre are not represented on this page. They were issued somewhat later.
SK and øre (two currencies) combined
In the centre a unique 2 SK lettercard sent March 1875 (?) from a town just north of the border (handed in to a railway P.O.) with a 4 øre stamp (2nd printing) added = 8 øre, which was the low rate for the so-called "border letters". Lettercards were at that time treated like letters.

A wrapper sent to Wiborg in Finland (today Russia) April 1881.

Address card for Finland from July 1882. Front.

Same card, back-side.