Wrappers Worldwide Before 1900

Unused and until further the only known Danish 2 sk wrapper 1871 of this format.
Size: 55 x 370 mm. Borderline: 2 1/2 mm. Distance between borderlines 48 mm. Borderline and value mark of the same colour: grey blue compared to the known clear blue. Paper is thinner, but has a smooth surface. Quality of paper: rough.

NDP 1/3 groschen wrapper uprated by 1/2 and 2 x 1/3 groschen. Sent from Berlin 20.July 1870 to London.
Same format as the above Danish wrapper.

Austrian 2 kr. wrapper. Sent from Wienna 25th January 1875 to Copenhagen.
Same format as the above Danish wrapper.

Danish 2 sk wrapper 1871 with content. Sent from Haslev 3rd April 1873 to Copenhagen.
Traditional format, see borderlines.

Swedish wrapper sent locally in Stockholm 21st February 1900.
Sweden for some reason never produced stationary wrappers, which therefore only exist with stamps attached. This wrapper is particular pretty because of its illustration from the port of Stockholm.

Another rare Danish wrapper sent from sent to Wiborg in Finland (today Russia) April 1881 is shown at my page on Danish bi-coloured